Inspiring and beautiful rangoli designs for all festivals! We've a huge collection of rangolis and kolams for all occasions; freehand rangoli, dotted kolam, pookolams, sanskarbarathi rangolis, Padi kolam, Kalyana kolam, and Mandana designs. There are rangolis decorated with colorful powders, lamps, and beads. We also have rangolis that have won quite a few competitions at Some of these designs are : Ganesh rangoli designs, Peacock rangolis, Lotus rangolis, and Alpanas.

This rangoli was published on 2018-05-16.
This rangoli was published on 2018-05-16.

Here are some of the best Ganesh rangolis, created by our members. Enjoy!

This rangoli was published on 2018-05-16.

Collection of some of the best sanskar bharti rangolis contributed by our members over the years.

Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Navrathri Kolam
  • Happy Valentine's Day !
  • Kolapodi version of Quilled one
  • Alpana
  • Peacock rangoli
  • Anuprasad
  • Rangoli - Chithra Nair
  • Smriti's Pair of Peacock
  • Happy diwali
  • Diwali - Flowers
Navrathri Kolam
Rangoli: Navrathri Kolam
This was one of the kolams I made during Navrathri.
Happy Valentine's Day !
Rangoli: Happy Valentine's Day !
I wish all the friends happy Valentine's day :D Here's a small rangoli from my side.
Kolapodi version of Quilled on
Rangoli: Kolapodi version of Quilled one
I tried to give the effect of quilling. It is upto you to decide how far I have succeeded.
Rangoli: Alpana
This is my first alpana style kolam. Took almost 40 minutes.
Peacock rangoli
Peacock rangoli. Contest entry Diwali rangoli contest - 2014: Peacock rangoli by rahulp301
Diwali rangoli by Anuprasad. Contest entry diwali: Anuprasad by Anuprasad
Rangoli - Chithra Nair
Diwali rangoli for contest, by Chithra Nair. Contest entry diwali: Rangoli - Chithra Nair by Chithra_Nair
Smriti's Pair of Peacock
Peacock's pair Peacock's pair Contest entry Diwali rangoli contest - 2014: Smriti's Pair of Peacock by Smriti Jain
Happy diwali
Rangoli: Happy diwali
Hi frnz, , wish u all a happy diwali :)Rangoli diwali freehand: Happy diwali by umaraja
Diwali - Flowers
Rangoli: Diwali - Flowers
This rangoli was published on 2007-11-15.