Rangoli: Chalk Kolam in Singapore !!!

Padi kolam in chalk... copy from rajamma ammas gallery...I love this design.

Rangoli: Traditional Kolam

My mom's neighbor mami's Friday Kolam.

Rangoli: Traditional kolam

This kolam was done on Varalakshmi vratha pooja. Hope you all like it.

Rangoli: Kolam on Grahapravesam day

Used rice flour and red powder for the border. I made this kolam using kola kuzhai and this kolam is my own imagination.

Rangoli: Padi Kolam

This is the Padi kolam I drew for Tamil new year. Here in US we don't get kolapodi so I managed to draw it with little kolapodi and arisi maavu.

Rangoli: Maavu kolam - Tamil new year

A special maa kolam for tamil new year. The kolam is scratched for food at some places by the squirrel and its kids, which has a roost in our coconut tree. I tried to hide a part of the scratch, but could not hide small ones.

Rangoli: Padi Kolam

What about padikkolam? Add your comments. Usually this type of rangolis are put on occasional days. You can expand it as large as you like.

Rangoli: paDi kOlam a la bElUru

After learning from Mrs Rajamma about the inter-relationship between temples
and paDi kOlams (Did you see my comment and the Borobodur picture?), I ventured
upon this. I call this the bElUru paDi kOlam as this takes a leaf out of the
Hoyasala temple architecture. The outer red square is the outer prAkAram.
Instead of having another square structure for walls on which carvings can be
made, the Hoyasala sculptors had this idea. They took squares and rotated them
by a certain angle repeatedly to get more surface area on which you can carve
more motifs. I rotated the squares by 22.5 degrees with a common centre. Why
22.5, because 22.5 X 4 = 90. Then I represented two circles inside to represent
the God and his consort. Together, they form infinity signifying the infiniteness
of the almighty. Before them I placed two octagons representing the place
where the devotees can sing and dance. Your comments for improvement are most
welcome. Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Red/White....Kanyakolam/Padikolam

After seeing mOhanaji's computer Padikolam, I was tempted to put one more such kolam...
It is fresh... not even dried fully!

Rangoli: Simple Padikolam

This was drawn (in a hurry)on Kaaradayaan Nonbu (Savithri nonbu) day before pooja time.