Rangoli: padi kolam3

this kolam was put marking the beginning of Navrathiri. this kolam will stay in our portico for couple of days and amma will change again during weekend.Happy viewing.

Rangoli: wet maavu padikkolam

For Navrathri, today being friday I tried this maakkolam on the white tile floor, thinking of
Sowmya. While drawing, the wet ezhai is not visible hence some omissions and comissions are there.Hats off to Sowmya's perfection.

Rangoli: Padi kolam

2nd day kolam

Rangoli: Padikolam

Dear friends .....Just did a small padikolam with white powder for first day of navratri. Your views please.

Rangoli: padi kolam

Oru small functionku naan potta padi kolam.friends your comments please.

Rangoli: Friday kolam


This is a simple padi kolam made by me today. Your views please...

Deepa. Venkat

Rangoli: Padikolam

This is a padikolam which I tried today. Hope you all like it.

Rangoli: Padi kolam at main vaasal

This has been done long back for a Function... Comments please..

Rangoli: Padikolam

This is a padikolam which I made today. Lots of mistakes yet felt like sharing with u all.

Rangoli: Padi Kolam

I tried Rajamma's recent chikku padi kolam - i think though it is not as good as her version i was able to match to certain extent. Look forward to your views.