umaraja golu 2014

Hai frnz,,,I feel glad sharing my golu pics with u all Smile
Image 1 ,,, overall view of golu
image 2. Shri vaishnavam was the theme chosen,,, a vaikuntam set up with dasavatharam, , Vishwarooopam, Satyanarayana,,, pandurangan etc were created,,, the swargavasal was also done,,, balaji kalyanam was depicted,,,, left side shows the perumal avatar in detail with brahmotsavam and garuda seva, ,,,,, right side shows krishna avatar, ,, right from krishnas birth,,, transfer of baby krishna butter stealing,,, krishna gopikas,,, geetha upadesh were depicted ,,,,
andal (sudi kodutha sudar kodi ) was also added to the theme ,,,

Image 3...rama avatar,,, an important avatar of vaishnavam theme was depicted on the other side, ,, lord rams birth,, wedding, , pattabishekam, , poi maan maricha, ,,making of lingam ,, rameshwaram, guhan with ram seetha in the boat with a water set up was the highlight ,,, ,, hanuman bringing sanjeevi to lakshman,, lava kucha with aswamedha horse etc were depicted,,,

image 4 theme,, types of kolams,,, sanskar bharathi, , padi kolam, , sikku kolam, , maakolam, ,, rangoli, ,, Kumil kolam, , pookolam, , neerkolam,, mandana kolam were drawn

image 5 ,, theme ... navaratri vizha in ramnad Rajeshwari amman temple was depicted, ,, a small kolu ,, swami oorvalam,,, (mahoornam) and a concert were depicted

Radhe krishna,,, lava kucha,,,were handmade, ,, marapachi dolls were decorated as rama and seetha, ,,

hope u all like Smile


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Umaraj.. I see your Golu arrangement every year.. its pretty same and beautiful. I usually observe that people use only 1 corner of the house for arranging the golu. But you are different you arrange it all over the room Wink every time Biggrin

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entire set up is very nice

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Lovely setup overall! How many days did it take you, Uma? Well planned! Pretty kolams everywhere too. Smile

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Almost 3 days lata,,,, and I add up here and there as time permits, ,,, my entry into ikolam was through the golu contest yrs back,:) Smile thanks a lot for giving this wonderful opportunity every yr Smile

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Excellent golu uma Smile ... Pretty kolams add more beauty Smile superb sri vaishnavam theme Smile brahmotsam karuda sevaiyaa? Beautiful ... All themes are super o super the best Smile

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looks grand....

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Awesome uma dear...

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Thank u jaanu, aver,, sugu , laksh and push Smile

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Wow!!Well arranged grand golu and the Shri Vaishnavam theme is very good. Esp the brahmotsavam looks very good. the entire set up looks so divine and very grand with beautiful collection f dolls. Kudos to your efforts Smile

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Thank u sowmi Smile

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Very Grand & excellent arrangement of Golu. Nice depiction of Vaishnavam theme..!! Smile

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In your elaborately decorated golu, Ramayanam theme with Guhan with Rama Sita in boat in water set up looks highlighted. You've huge collections of Golu dolls nicely spread out setup in different themes! Smile

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Very Grand!!

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wow... no words to say Uma ma'm....the Vaikunta setup is really wonderful....and using whole of your house to set all dolls is amazing... hats of to your efforts.... and your beautiful kolams adoring every where adding nice charm....
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Awesome effort and so tastefully arranged golu uma:-)

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Very nice

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Amazing golu!

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Thank you raiyer, meena, meenakshi, , anirudh and rani for ur motivations Smile