Navarathri Home made golu

Hi friends, i have tried to make golu dolls on my own using air dry clay. let me know your comments and vote for me if u like! thanks!


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Very nice, All the best

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Thank u so much! U r my first critic. And feels gr8 to hear from u!

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simple yet nice

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Thank u aver Smile

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Nice all the best

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Thank u!

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Wow! They all look great! Must have taken you a long time to make them all by hand. You're captured the details really well. Great work!

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thank u lataji! yes it took pretty long and demanded lot of patience. this was my first golu after marriage. encouragements from friends like you would help me do better next year! Smile

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Thank u Smile

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Woow amazing work you have done... Detailing superb.... All the best

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Thanks a lot for ur comments n wishes! Smile

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Wow!! Hand made golu is somthing different and hats off to your efforts. Well arranged golu.

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Incredible patience and excellent details. Well done!

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Thanks a lot!

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Hand made golu is unique!! looks good!!

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Thank u so much!

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Great job! Excellent

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Thanks aarthi!

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Wow! very creative and very talented! Great work!

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handmade dolls gives a personal touch....very nicely done...all the best :star: :star: :star:

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thank u! Smile

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Very nicely done, sweet and cute.

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thank u Usha Smile

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Very nicely done golu Smile

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Wow hand made golu is simply superb Smile

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thank u so much!

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Thank u

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Gud one

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