Golu 2014

I have kept 3 sets of Golu steps..1st is Ramayana theme where the dolls are arranged in the order of occurance of the scenes and slokas from Valmiki Ramayana written beside each scene.


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neat and sweet ...

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Very neat arrangement of golu which looks so pretty...well depicted ramayana scenes. Smile

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very nice

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Lovely, especially the ramayana Smile

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Excellent neatly set

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Nice Golu arrangement... Ramayanam theme setup with slokas looks good! Smile

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Ramayanam set is beautiful! Nicely arranged.

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very nice... Ramayana with Shlokas nice concept... PanDuranga & Rukumai looks awesome at the top step..... also the fruits & vegetables looks soo real Smile
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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