golu 2014

This year apart from the traditional 5 step golu we have kept themes like dances of india,Africa the last remains of forest,around the world,a village scene,and collection of my ganeshas.


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Very nice, All the best !

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cricket field, map of Africa and golu padis are all very well done

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Nice all the best

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Tooo good

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thanks all for the comments

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Very beautifully arranged golu. Looks very neat and nice Smile

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Beautifully arranged golu & nice theme..loved your Ganesha collections!!

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Beautiful! so many themes!! very nice!

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awesome Ganesha collections :star: :star: :star:

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Nice collections of ganeshas Smile

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Wonderful collections Smile

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I just noticed your mandapam where you have kept ganesha, is made of small bottle, my mom had done similar one, but all bottles broke. Love your Ganesha collection, I have a lot of Ganeshas too.

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Nice collection