Submitted by nanditkiran on Thu, 10/13/2011 - 09:12
my golu is arranged in 7 steps. first step consisted Goddess Saraswathi, Rishabs and Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi in two different ways. The second step is Ashtalakshmi set. The third step is Lord Ayyappa and Mahavishnu idols and fourth step consisted Dashavatharam set. the fifth step is arranged by set of different Krishna's idol and Ganapathy. The sixxth step is Meenakshi-sundareshwar kalyana set. The last step is arranged with "Vilakku pooja set". There is also two more sets which is arranged in floor as a Village. in village one kalyana mandapam is decorated and " kalyana set " is placed there. And one temple is made by cardboard and "sathyanarayana pooja set" is placed. apart from that pond, roads, houses , trees, etc. are also made in village. please reply me with your views and suggestions

Very nice Golu arrangement, Kiran. Very neat decoration too. What is that lady doll made up of? Is it made with sponge or decorated in a kuthu vilakku? Very beautiful rangoli with good colour combo. Can you please upload a closer view of your rangoli seperately? Also the rangoli surrounding the kuthu vilakku looks very pretty. Very nice arrangement of Kalayana mandapam set and Sathya narayana pooja set. All the best. Keep it up.
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Very nicely arranged golu with nice decoration and beautiful rangoli too. Nice kalyana mandapam arrangement and Sathyanarayana poojai set.All the best for the contest.
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wowo... beautiful arrangements of your Golu... the lady doll dressing is very nice... thirumana vaipavam is nicely arranged... all the best
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The Doll dressed in green saree looks very beautiful. Also enjoyed the Sathyanarayan temple display. Rangoli looks charming. Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest. Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. :)
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thank you all. sorry for the delay caused to reply. i ll upload the close pics later. the doll is bought from shop and dressed by me with saree and al jewels.
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