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Rangoli: ugadi muggu

Happy ugadiRangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): ugadi muggu by sailusateesh123@gmail.com

Rangoli: Rangoli for Sankranti
This rangoli was published on 2014-01-05.
Rangoli: muggu

Th telugu word for rangOli or kOlam is muggu. There is literary evidence for the decoration of households with muggu even in the 14th century. That is why I beg to disagree with a recent essay in American Scientit saying that these patterns originated in the 18th or the 19th century. Here is a pattern that is made of the word muggu ( ముగ్గు ). Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: muggu

muggu in telugu means rangOli. It is also called mruggu. But in modern
telugu, the r sound for words beginning with compound letters containing r
is omitted. The letter mu is given in green, the gu sound is given in blue.
The second g sound in muggu is called ottu and is given by the symbol below
gu in red. In the top two figures, they form a 3- and 4- petal flower-like
patterns. In the bottom two, the u sounds in gu form the blue S-like motif.
The top left pattern is a Sierpinski triangle that occurs in fractal geometry.

Enjoy! Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: MGIteluguvidhayarthiloo

On September 14th, we celebrated the closing ceremony of the Birth anniversary of the Telugu Mystic Composer Sri Sri Taallapaaka Annamaachaarya Swaami Vaaru.
We'd organized a MUGGU MAHOTSAVAM, where I trained our lovers of MUGGULU for demonstration of this most lovely & beloved special Cultural Heritage Art.

Rangoli: Muggu
This rangoli was published on 2008-09-19.
Rangoli: Kolam using pieces of chalk
This rangoli was published on 2008-09-19.
Rangoli: Vinayaka Chavithi Muggu

The dot count for this kolam is 19-3-3 straight dots.

Rangoli: Muggu

The dot count for this kolam is 17-1 straight dots.

Rangoli: Muggulu

Mr. Sanjiva Appadoo is the Head of the Telugu Studies Department, at the Republic of Mauritius. He demonstrates the making of a muggulu using four different colors of chalk pieces, simultaneously.