Rangoli: Independence Day
Rangoli: A pattern with SrI ( శ్రీ )
Rangoli: Happy Fourth of July!
Rangoli: Happy birthday rAjammA!
Rangoli: Freehand OM collage
Rangoli: Four OMs Dotted
Rangoli: Questions and exclamations! - 1

This rangoli has been created using the punctuation marks of question (?) and exclamation. Life is full of questions and all of a sudden the answers come from nowhere like exclamations! Enjoy!

- mOhana

Rangoli: Nagabandham Aaraamdhinai - slide

I've created this design in Telugu. In this I have shown the original bandha as well as two designs I got using that. This is an example where three disciplines meet - art, science and literature.

Rangoli: Nagabandham Aaraamdhinai

The tamil version of the design was done by Mr.Harikrishnan, and posted in Flickr.

Rangoli: Patterns with tamil letter E

These is a pattern created by me with the Tamil letter E.

Rangoli: Patterns using tamil words - (entry_134)

Entered for diwali rangoli contest 2008.
This is a pattern created by me with the tamil words oli (sound) and oLi (light).