Happy Fourth of July!

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This rangOli has two parts - (1) a freehand with the word USA. The letters U and A are related by 180 deg rotation. The vertically formed USA is rotated four times and assembled to obtain the pattern on the left. The gaps are filled by the circle of 13 stars (the original states of the USA). (2) This is a dotted rangOli with 50 dots represented by 50 stars (the number of states in the USA). This is a single line chikku kOlam. The stars and the line are given the red, white and blue colors, the colors in the US flag. This is a unique pattern possible with the number 50 (2 X 5^2). Enjoy!

Regards - mOhana

Rangoli: Happy Fourth of July!


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Wow JKM sir so much thought has gone into making this one... I truly admire your work sir.

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Amazing!!!!! Well thought and well created !!!! Thanks for such a beautiful creation!!!! Happy Independence Day!!!!!

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well created sir,,, beautiful

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excellent creations sir Smile

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Wow....thanks a tonne for sharing this wonderful creation jkm sir...Happy Independence day Smile

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Happy 4th July!

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Amazing!lovely creation...Happy (4th july).. Independence Day!!

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congrats sir Smile

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congratz on rod sir Smile

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Ohhhhhhhhhhh lovely sir....this is simply beautiful....perfect 50 stars and what a idea sirji creating a pattern out of it....The vertically formed USA is rotated four times mean and assembled to obtain the pattern on the left.Please sir if u could explain this to me....Is it the bottom vertical USA u r reffering or the first figure....The bottom left when rotated 4 times u got the upper left pattern????Is it so?I am deeply impressed & also inquisitive to know....I wish the president of united states had seen this...He would have invited u to the white house....U &A though rotated 180degrees looks identical ...what if A was a equilateral triangle....

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congrats on rod sir.Happy Independence day!