Rangoli: Independence Day
Rangoli: A pattern with SrI ( శ్రీ )
Rangoli: Happy Fourth of July!
Rangoli: Happy birthday rAjammA!
Rangoli: Freehand OM collage
Rangoli: Four OMs Dotted
Rangoli: May the luck of the Irish rub on you today!

Today is St Patrick's Day and may the luck of the Irish rub on you! Enjoy!
Regards - mOhana

Rangoli: More daylight - more sunlight

The ritual of daylight savings time has started over the weekend. Now the US is on daylight savings time. That means people on the East cost are 9 and 1/2 hours behind and those on the west coast are 12 and 1/2 half hours behind the Indian Standard time. To celebrate the gradual easing of the winter woes, here is a pattern celebrating the Sun.

Enjoy! Regards - mOhana

PS: I don't know when India will have two time zones. Is it not anomalous for Assamese to have their clocks half an hour ahead than Bangladeshis to their west?

Rangoli: SivarAtri-2013

This is a single line chikku kOlam of a Sivalingam. At the four corners are tridala bilvapatram and at the four centers are nAgalinga flowers that look like having Sivalinga inside. Enjoy! Regards - mOhana

Rangoli: W - Goddess

This was the first pattern I designed for IWD. I was hesitating to send this as I wasn't fully satisfied with its execution. But somebody mentioned that woman is God. Actually that is what this conveys. I took the ornamental W and inscribed Sankha and chakra in the spaces and assembled them to get this pattern. Enjoy it for whatever it is worth.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Happy International Women's Day - 2013 - Freehand

The universal female symbol was chosen and a smiley was inscribed in it. Three of these were joined to form the letter W. Four of these by 90 deg rotation form a circle with 12 women holding hands. These were arranged in a hexagonal fashion to get the final figure. Dedicated to all sisters, enjoy! Regards - mOhana

Rangoli: 23x23 (529) dot chikku kOlam

This rangOli is drawn on a 23x23 (529) dot grid. The original motif is an incomplete 2n^2 pattern with n=5. This was modified and extended on all four sides through rotations of 90 degrees. The resulting pattern has two lines (as in a sOna square) in white and reddish white. A lamp at the center and four corners together with four flowers are added. Enjoy! Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: A rangOli inspired by sUrya K.

This chikku kOlam is inspired by the one submitted by sUrya K. This is the next level to her work. Also instead of keeping each of the wavy lines separate, I joined them. This has 13 lines. The dot pattern can be described in two ways - 8x8 square or 1 to 15 vertical one above the other. The levels of complexity are described below:
n = 0, no of lines = 0, no of dots = 1
n = 1, no of lines = 1 (1 green), no of dots = 5
n = 2, no of lines = 5 (4 green, 1 pink), no of dots = 25
n = 3, no of lines = 9 (4 green, 4 pink, 1 blue), no of dots = 61
n = 4, no of lines = 13 (4 green, 4 pink, 4 blue, 1 red), no of dots = 113

Using this data, find out the no of lines and dots for the next levels. lakshmI ma'am, you give lot of such problems on FB. This is an exercise for you Smile

I am dedicating this pattern to all young girls and boys (may their tribe increase) who have interest in the traditional art of rangavalli or kOlam with dots.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Thanks for your love, affection and appreciation!

I thank you all (both here, privately and elsewhere) for your good wishes, prayers and blessings for my health and long life. In particular, I am thankful to all those who spent time and effort in drawing rangOlis for me (SrImatis pushpA, subhAshiNi, gOmati, rANi and lakshmI and others who had similar idea). It is a kind gesture that certainly brought cheer to me. It is people like you who fill sunshine in the wintry nights. Thanks again!

I have drawn this rangOli as a token of my appreciation. Enjoy! Regards! - mOhana

Details: It has 200 dots, 38 outer bumps, 361 intersections, 362 small squares, 19 vertical dots that go 19, 17, ... 3, 1 on either side. One can also make out 10 bigger squares in this pattern (find out how). You will hear more about patterns like this in the future. Even though drawing the pattern did not take that much time, cleaning it to be presentable took a loooot of time, believe me.