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Rangoli: freehand design

this is my first design with the help of does it look---kanaka

Rangoli: karthikagai spl
This rangoli was published on 2011-12-18.
Rangoli: padi kolam

this was done on last friday.uploading it very lately (because of me not knowing to upload in i hav learnt to do such things from my hubby.till now only he uploaded kolams for me)

Rangoli: padi kolam

this is my first maa kolam.i did this for varalakshmi pooja on thursday night.when it was wet i was a little happy only,because of the light pink flooring colour.on friday morning when i opened the door the maa kolam after it got dried,looked very nice (for me).is it ok, any
comments or suggestions to improve --please.

Rangoli: padikolam

this kolam was done on friday for varalakshmi pooja.i could upload only now after 2 days.ur comments pls.

Rangoli: varalakshmi pooja

varalakshmi pooja at my home. i wanted to share this with you all

Rangoli: free hand kolam

this kolam was done on sunday.i did it very quickly and there was no time for colouring the full kolam.ur views please.

Rangoli: kolam

this kolam was done on tuesday.i should have given kavi but it was already late and i had to rush to send my children to i left it as it was. ur comments please.