Rangoli: butterfly kolam
Rangoli: deer kolam
Rangoli: rangoloi
Rangoli: Bricks
Rangoli:  bird and fish kolam
Rangoli: rangoli
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • chikku kolam
  • kutty chikku kolam
  • fish kolam
  • kili kolam
  • pookolam---dotted
  • elephant kolam
  • parrot kolam
  • lamp stand--craft work
Rangoli: chikku kolam

a small chikku kolam on my kitchen slab.--kanaka

Rangoli: kutty chikku kolam

this chikku kolam was done by my daughter gomathi,the border by me.she is very much interested in doing chikku kolams than any other design types.--kanaka

Rangoli: fish kolam

this kolam was done with 7-4 interdots.the outer border was done using simple chikku kolam design,ur views pls--kanaka

Rangoli: kili kolam

this kolam on my flat,without colours.could not colour it beacause the kolam will stay only for some time and all the kutties in my flat are very much interested in finishing them at no time --so no colours .ur views--kanaka .the dot count is 15-1 straight dots.

Rangoli: pookolam---dotted

this kolam is a dotted kolam 17-5 times upto 5 straight dots.i drew this kolam and my kutty coloured this one ,the colour combination is her own imagination.ur comments pls--kanaka

Rangoli: elephant kolam

this elephant kolam is a straight dot kolam 15-1.i tried this design from an old magazine,ur views please--kanaka

Rangoli: parrot kolam

this is a small parrot kolam with straight dots 10-4.

Rangoli: lamp stand--craft work

this lampstand is made using waste cds.after sticking 2 cds i painted and kept 3 stands on the reverse sideand made this lampstand,,ur comments please--kanaka