padi kolam

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this was done on last friday.uploading it very lately (because of me not knowing to upload in i hav learnt to do such things from my hubby.till now only he uploaded kolams for me)


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Saka, I saw ur comment on my

Saka, I saw ur comment on my maa kolam. Thanks a lot dear and happy to see u in commenting section. U had asked me regarding preparation of rice paste for maa kolam. Here it goes -

Soak required qty of rice in water for about 2 - 3 hours. Then grind it into a smooth thick paste. Take required qty of thick paste and dilute it using water. It should be in the consistency of thick milk. Take a cotton wade dip it in water first and then dip it in diluted rice paste and start making kolams using ur ring finger (for single line) or both ring and middle finger (for two ezhais, if u r comfortable). Whenever the paste becomes very thick keep adding water to dilute it. the balance rice paste, if any, left over, pour in a plate and keep it in sun for getting it dried. After it is dried, u can make it into small pieces and store it. Whenever required, u can soak these dry pieces in water. In about 10 - 15 minutes, it well completely dissolve in water and u can make kolams as desired.
But sometimes, instead of making this rice paste, i use idli/dosa batter for making wet maa kolams.
Also please note, along with rice, add 1 tablespoon of urud dhal while soaking. If u add urud dhal, ur kolams will stand longer on the floor. It will not get vanished soon unlike with rice paste.


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pretty good decorations

pretty good decorations

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lovely padi kolam -seetha

lovely padi kolam
-seetha suresh

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wow very nice and gud one.

wow very nice and gud one.

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Lovely padi kolam. The

Lovely padi kolam. The design is very cute.

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lovely beautiful padikolam

lovely beautiful padikolam !-suguna murugesan

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very nice design saka

very nice design saka

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Very nice padikolam design

Very nice padikolam design with good border designs....

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Wow Beautiful double stroke

Wow Beautiful double stroke kolam and nice pattern.

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Lovely padi kolam Saka. It's

Lovely padi kolam Saka. It's so nice of ur hubby to upload kolams here on your behalf. Please convey our wishes to him.


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haiya today iam tasting the

haiya today iam tasting the filter coffee. very neat and cute kolam.