small dotted kolam

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small dotted kolam
A very easy kolam for beginners...
dots 4-4 straight dots.

Rangoli: small dotted kolam


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Very nice design....

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looks nice

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Wow...u r too good in drawing with pen or pencil julien....very nice kolam...

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hai cute kolam !!!floorla pottu anppunga pa!-suguna murugesan

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Nice kolams.


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Cute designs.

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Very thoughtful of you Julien - now all one has to do is add the flower in the reverse direction on all four sides and you get a bigger kolam - you have made it simple for learners - good work

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yes mam, you are correct... use 8 - 8 dots... we get 4 flowers...
thanks for your comments....

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Julien maam, very cute flowers and useful for beginners, hmmmm what say u try this using chalk on floor,.... come on Ikolam members some encouragement for our dear Julien here... Julien Julien Julien Julien Julien Julien Julien Julien... you can do it dear, come on give it a try

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thanks for your encourgements.... your kolam all are very nice... and easy to learn...

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easy tricks given to learners must b appreciated

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Very nice design. Simple and eye catching.

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Looks pretty..

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Good work dear. Can you treat us by drawing the above flowers in colors on floor?