Rangoli: Friday padi kolam
Rangoli: Happy New Year
Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli 2
Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli 1
Rangoli: Fusion PADI kolam
Rangoli: Kolam In puja room
Rangoli: criss-cross

this freehand kolam is inspired by criss-cross stitching patterns used in crochets

Rangoli: lines and circles

hi this is a freehand kolam . ur views please...

Rangoli: super pumpkins!! in technicolor

although i have already posted this one in basic drawn kolam , i am re submitting it after colouring it . lata maam please put this one instead of the earlier in the veggie patch.

Rangoli: shoe flowers/hibiscus

hey lata maam ... one more for the garden. the same 15-1 parallel dots and painted in MS paint.

Rangoli: Ring around the roses

hi lata maam please add this kolam to ikolam garden collection. i drew it on ground and coloured it by paint. its a 15-1 parallel dots kolam. since i placed the dots afterwards ut may be a little askew.

Rangoli: super pumpkins!!

here is one more addition to veggie patch from my side . its a 21-1 parallel dots kolam and i have drawn it diagonally.

Rangoli: brinjals anyone?

i saw the veggie patch yesterday and decided to make a contribution. lata maam please include this kolam in the veggie patch. i drew it by hand only but colouring i have done in paint.

Rangoli: u name it !

i could not think of an appropriate name for this design kolam hence i am requesting u members to name it !!