Rangoli: Friday padi kolam
Rangoli: Happy New Year
Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli 2
Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli 1
Rangoli: Fusion PADI kolam
Rangoli: Kolam In puja room
Rangoli: sikku kolam

each of the squares are 5X5 . u can also expand the kolam by increasing the square grids.

Rangoli: diamonds overlapped

this is a 15-1 parallel dots kolam . very simple to make.

Rangoli: free hand rangoli

this is another free hand rangoli design. its commom but also easy and impressive.

Rangoli: fusion kolam

this is a dotted kolam. dot count 14(2 lines) till 2 parallel dots. after finish the flowers u will be left with a 4X4 grid in the center. can draw some other chikku kolam also.

Rangoli: star kolam

twinkle twinkle little star(s).... i started out to make something else but ended up in this

Rangoli: rangoli

this is a common sankar bharti rangoli design . no doubt u would have seen it countless times. the circles are far from perfect but still since i drew it i uploaded it.

Rangoli: diya kolam

i am learning double-line kolam so the lines may not be perfect. this is a 11X6 interspersed dots kolam.

Rangoli: kavi kolam

this is a kavi kolam i drew on chitra gupta day.the kavi borders are drawn by my grandma.