Ring around the roses

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About Ring around the roses:

hi lata maam please add this kolam to ikolam garden collection. i drew it on ground and coloured it by paint. its a 15-1 parallel dots kolam. since i placed the dots afterwards ut may be a little askew.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Ring around the roses


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Your layout of black dots over the kolam makes it easier for anyone to figure out how to draw these pretty roses. I'll make a note of it to add your name and links to our rose bush in the garden. Smile

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hai...lovely kolam...both kolams with and without colours r lovely....

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EXcellent, excellent,.,,,, nice spread of colours

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wow...nice smiley roses...looks beautiful. the dot pattern has helped us to draw easily, good job...thanks for sharing

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Bhaskari, cute rose rangoli.dot count is made easy to locate. What an idea! to put colors with out color podi.... All overses people pl. take note of it.

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lata maam did u change the title ? i remember labelling it as ringa ringa roses?(the nursery rhyme)

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very nice one. gt8 design.

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Bhaskari maam very pretty rose kolam and tx for two separate kolams ... it makes things easier

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That's right, I changed the title from "ringa ringa roses" to "Ring around the roses". This nursery rhyme is better known with the following two titles; Ring around the roses, or, Ring-a-ring o' roses. Let me know if you want me to change it to "Ring-a-ring o' roses". Smile
Speaking about this rhyme, I also remember that in India, no one corrected the kids when they mispronounced the word "posies". So, instead of singing it as "Pocket full of posies", kids used to say "Pocket full of foses", and no one explained the meaning of those lines or even bothered to check the pronunciation, let alone correct it. Smile

In case we've to show it to the kids, here is a link with the correct pronunciation. It is not about the accent at all, it is about how certain words are pronounced. Smile

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thanks for the info lata maam. no need to change it . i saw the video also. thanks for sharing.

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Bhaskari very nice way of explaining your kolam to others - keep it up. while uploading the coloured part try and reduce the brightness, then we can enjoy it completely Smile