Rangoli: Vijaya Dasami Kolam with wet maavu
Rangoli: Navami kolam for Navarathri with wet maavu
Rangoli: Maa Kolam for Navarathri - Dotted
Rangoli: Maa kolam for Navaratri - fourth day
Rangoli: Navaratri kolam - Third day
Rangoli: Maa kolam for Navaratri - Second day kolam
Rangoli: Pongal Rangoli

Wishing all ikolam members a Very Happy Pongal.

I am uploading the Rangoli which I put for Pongal.

Dot count is : 7 to 13

Rangoli: Marghazhi Dew Drops Kolam Contest 2011

Hi everybody. I am uploading the Contest Kolam. I hope all of you like it. Waiting for your comments.

All the best to All participants.

Rangoli: Marghazi Dew Drops Kolam Contest 2011

Hi everybody. I tried uploading the dot grid once, but failed.

So, am once again uploading it.

Rangoli: Shanku Kolam (Conch)

Another small kolam. Though I know the enlarged version as well, due to lack of time, I could put only the smaller version. Will upload the bigger version also some time.

Pl. excuse me on the quality of the photograph. Your views pl.

Rangoli: Chikku kolam for beginners

I had put this kolam a week back. I could not upload it due to lack of time. I know I am not very good at taking photos. Trying to improve on that. Your views pl.

Rangoli: Chikku kolam

I am sharing with you one of the chikku kolams put during Margazhi season.

Awaiting eagerly for your views pl.

Rangoli: Maa kolam put during Thiruvathirai

The dot count is self explanatory. Inadvertently somebody has stamped on the kolam, which was observed only later on.

Waiting to know to your views pl.

Rangoli: Rangoli put during Deepavali

Dotted kolam
5 dots 5 lines

Since I am not able to find it in my gallery even after 10-12 days of my uploading this rangoli, I am uploading it once again.

Your comments pl.