Rangoli: Vijaya Dasami Kolam with wet maavu
Rangoli: Navami kolam for Navarathri with wet maavu
Rangoli: Maa Kolam for Navarathri - Dotted
Rangoli: Maa kolam for Navaratri - fourth day
Rangoli: Navaratri kolam - Third day
Rangoli: Maa kolam for Navaratri - Second day kolam
Rangoli: Beginners kolam - Dotted

I am uploading 4 kolams for beginners. They are kutti kolams of 5 dots - 5 lines.

The background of this upload is - I had seen some of our members like Judy Ma'am upload more than one kolam in one go, which looked novice to me and also good for beginners. (Some other member also had recently uploaded four free hand kolams. I do not remember the name of the member. Sorry.) From that time, I have been wanting to upload such kutti kolams. Unfortunately, I was not able to get time to download the software meant for that purpose. Though I had the kolams in my PC meant to be uploaded for this purpose, due to lack of software the uploading got delayed.

I must thank ikolam for enabling me to learn the use of this software.

Rangoli: 9x9 sikku kolam

I am uploading the 9x9 sikku kolam. This is a well known kolam.

Rangoli: Dots Kolam

Hurriedly put kolam. No time to fill it with colour.
Dot count 1-11-1

Rangoli: Lamp in Chikku kolam

I put this kolam on THAI VELLI Day. Dots are self explanatory.

I had put this kolam during Margazhi month using all bright colours. I had decided to upload the same for the Margazhi contest. Though it was looking very beautiful on floor, the photograph(s) looked very dull. Therefore, I put another kolam for the contest.

I put this kolam again on last Thai Velli with only white podi and this is the result.

Rangoli: 10x10 kolam

This is my 10x10 chikku kolam. This kolam is from my collection of kolams. I made some small changes here and there and made it into a 10x10 chikku kolam.

Rangoli: Dot Kolam

Dot Kolam put during Margazhi season. The lines have not come very straight. Not very good at drawing lines.

Rangoli: Chikku Kolam

I am uploading one of the chikku kolams put during this Month. Since I could not upload it earlier, I am uploading all the pending kolams one by one.

Rangoli: Flag Rangoli

This is the Flag Rangoli put by me in my house for Republic Day. I took this design from this site (from some member's gallery) or book - I do not remember from where - and copied it in my book - by making some changes. I forgot to mention in my book any details as to wherefrom I copied.

I thank in advance the person who put the kolam in this site/book. If anyone feels it is their kolam, please let me know.

I must reiterate that I have made changes to the original before putting this kolam.

Wish you all a very Happy Republic Day.