Rangoli: Margazhi kolam
Rangoli: Margarita kolam of this day
Rangoli: Friday kolam
Rangoli: Vara Siddhi Vinayagar and Kolam
Rangoli: Vara Siddhi Vinayagar and kolam
Rangoli: Vaikunda Ekadasi special
Rangoli: Free hand kolam

This is a special kolam drawn by my manni( elder brother's wife) on the accasion of a funtion held in our house.

Rangoli: Friday flower

This free hand kolam has been drwn on 4th june.

Rangoli: free hand kolam

This basic kolam is Rajitha's.I like it very much.On seeing the kolam drawn by me. My granddaughter Priyanka who is aged 9 did it by her self.

Rangoli: Free hand kolam.

This is free hand mavu kolam.Avasarathil alli thelitha Friday kolam.

Rangoli: chithirai malar

WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR.This kolam has been drawn to-day i.e. day of

Rangoli: Free hand kolam

I submit this kolam drawn by me on 9th April.

Rangoli: Velly malar

This was drown in front of my house on one fridaymalar.

Rangoli: ugathi kolam

This is the kolam drawn on the occasion of UGADHI.