Rangoli: Margazhi kolam
Rangoli: Margarita kolam of this day
Rangoli: Friday kolam
Rangoli: Vara Siddhi Vinayagar and Kolam
Rangoli: Vara Siddhi Vinayagar and kolam
Rangoli: Vaikunda Ekadasi special
Rangoli: Margazhimalar-1


Rangoli: Pongal malar

This kolam was drawn by my (maru)Magal Rajusree in front of our house on the day of Pongal.
Ikolam mwmbers know Rajusree.

Rangoli: woollen garland

I have made this to offer our FAMILY DEITY.i share this with all members.

Rangoli: margazhi special kolam

to-day's special kolam on account of friday, koodaravalli, hanumath jayanthi and new moon day

Rangoli: margazhi kolam

this margazhi kolam with kavi was created on friday

Rangoli: margazhi kadhambam

This is a kadhamba kolam mixed with many designs

Rangoli: Margazhi kolam

margazhi free hand kolam. This kolam was drawn by me in my daughter's house.

Rangoli: margazhi kolam

this is also one of the kolams in this margazhi