Rangoli: Margazhi kolam
Rangoli: Margarita kolam of this day
Rangoli: Friday kolam
Rangoli: Vara Siddhi Vinayagar and Kolam
Rangoli: Vara Siddhi Vinayagar and kolam
Rangoli: Vaikunda Ekadasi special
Rangoli: margazhi kolam 3

This is the next one on the third day of margazhi

Rangoli: margazhi kolam 2

This is a second kolam of this margazhi

Rangoli: margazhi kolam 1

I drew this kolam on the 1st day of margazhi

Rangoli: Karthikai kolam2

This is one of the kolams drawn in the month of karthikai

Rangoli: Karthikai Somavaram

This kolam was drawn by me in front od my daughters house.

Rangoli: Karthikai kolam

This rangoli was drawn on 27-11-2012, the day of karthikai festival in frontof my house

Rangoli: Navarathri kolam

This is the kolam i made for navarathri friday. Hope u all like it.

Rangoli: Marghazhi puli kolam

This is the pulli kolam i made for this marghazhi. Expecting ur comments.