Rangoli: chitra pornami kolam
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Sankranthi rangoli
Rangoli: Tamil new year kolam
Rangoli: Marghazhi kolam3
Rangoli: Suganthy mohan's quilling kolam

This is the kolam i made with colored sand. I cannot draw with sand so filled circles with colors then drew the designs. I did this in 10 mins with both the kids by my side):Definitely not very satisfying ,still wanted to participate in this. Expecting comments from experts.

Rangoli: White kolam

This is the father's day kolam. For a change i tried this without any color or kaavi. Ur sugggestions pls...

Rangoli: Wedding day kolam

This is the first kolam with circles. Hope it has comeout well. Suggestions please.

Rangoli: Chikku kolam

It's been a while since i made a chikku kolam. So i made one n sending it for ur suggestions.

Rangoli: Summer vacation kolam

My sil's daughters r here for summer vacation. They wanted to make a color kolam. I made a simple one n they colored it.

Rangoli: Color kolam

This is another color kolam. The colors look bright when it is fresh. Now the colors have gone little pale, Still wanted to share it with u all. Ur views n suggestions pls.

Rangoli: Traditional kolam

This kolam is made by rice flour with very little kolapodi. Ur comments n suggestions pls.

Rangoli: Color kolam

This is the first submission with colors. It's a dotted rangoli and colored with sand, mixed with foodcolors. Hope u all like it.