Wedding day kolam

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This is the first kolam with circles. Hope it has comeout well. Suggestions please.

Rangoli: Wedding day kolam


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Your first attempt is good!

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very nice.

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lovely padma...yr double strokes r too good...

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very beautiful superb design. retta varai kolam very nice one. gt8

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Rajusree maam ur first attempt is really good and love ur double strokes... Sad when will i learn this..

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Padma everytime I see your kolam you have a new surprise for me - this time it is a pleasant one - really good. Reminds me of Premaraghu's kolam

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Circle kolam with double ezhai is very pretty. u have done a good job in the first attempt.

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Pretty good.

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good. come out with more new creative invensions to satisfy our thirst.

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very pretty. actually my daughter is very much interested in kolams after viewing such pretty ones. can you give us some nice makolam desingns pls.

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double stroke kolam is very beautiful.

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என்ன ஒரு அழகு பத்மாஜி..... வெரி ஸ்வீட் கோலம் -Indira Sundar

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padmashree it has come out very nice...wonderfull strokes..keep it up.. waiting to see more like this...

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Thank u all for ur comments. It's been a while since i got a comment from Jayaji. Thanks one n all.

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Lovely! Reminded me of an old Tamil film song( in English!): Beautiful....marvellous....excellent, very very excellent....!

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Kalakiitel pongo!! Exotica iruku!

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well drawn and kaavi combination adds stil more beauty