Rangoli: chitra pornami kolam
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Sankranthi rangoli
Rangoli: Tamil new year kolam
Rangoli: Marghazhi kolam3
Rangoli: Traditional kolam

This is the kolam i made for Garuda panchami. On nagachaturthi day i made the kolam by Rajam maam. But unfortunately before taking the pics my kids poured water on it. So it is not clear. So just garuda panchami kolam only.

Rangoli: Third Aadivelli kolam

For this velli i made a dotted kolam which was taken from JKM sir's book.

Rangoli: Aadi amavasya kolam

Finally i could download a trial version of photoshop to make a collage. This is the aadi amavasya(today) kolam n the pooja.

Rangoli: Aadi perukku kolam

Here is my AAdi perukku kolam. I did this kolam in a hurry. So nothing great, still wanted to share to get suggestions n comments.

Rangoli: Second aadivelli kolam

This is the second aadivelli kolam. I got this design from Ashanagendra maam's gallery. Thanks Asha maam.

Rangoli: Traditional  aadivelli kolam

Here is a simple kolam for Aadivelli. Ur comments n suggestions pls.

Rangoli: Traditional Padikolam

This is the padikolam i made for vaikashi visakam. I have been searching for this. It is made of Rice flour. Ur comments n suggestions pls.

Rangoli: Chikku kolam

THis is the first big ): chikku kolam by me. Hope it has comeout well. Expecting comments from experts to improve my skills.