Rangoli: 10 by 10 Kolam
Rangoli: Paisley
Rangoli: Fusion kolam
Rangoli: Butterfly Rangoli
Rangoli: Bluebells
Rangoli: Lily
Rangoli: Round Kolam

This is a freehand kolam done on paper. I'd done this long time back, but just found a picture to upload.

Rangoli: Freehand design

This is a freehand design. I'v doodled around a basic mango motif Smile

Rangoli: Magazine Art

This is a wall decor made with magazines. I found it somewhere on the internet. A magazine with at least 50 sheets will give a good effect.

Step 1 - Hold the top corner of the sheet, fold it inward so that the top edge tucks into the magazine and crease it.

Step 2 - Repeat this for all the pages and again, for the bottom half of the sheet. do not crease it when folding the bottom half.

No glue required.

Rangoli: Lamp kolam

This is a 25 by 25 parallel dots kolam drawn using Adobe Illustrator.

Rangoli: Tree kolam

This kolam has 18 x 18 dots followed by 6 - 2 parallel dots.

Rangoli: Freehand design

This is a mango motif. I've used tessellation and tiling techniques for the filler designs.

Rangoli: Freehand design

This is a freehand design. Pencil on paper - One of my doodles.

Rangoli: Pink and Blue

This design has a 7 by 7 dot kolam and freehand designs on the outer part.