Rangoli: Chikku Kolam
Rangoli: Josephine knot kolam - kolapodi version
Rangoli: Mother's Day Kolam 2
Rangoli: Chikku Kolam
Rangoli: Happy Mother's Day -1
Rangoli: 15 x 1 kolam- 6
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Kutti kolam
  • St.Patrick's day Kolam
  • Kidney Rangoli
  • Kuzhal Kolam
  • International Women's Day Alpona
  • Valentine's Day Alpana
  • Vasantha Panchami (Saraswathi pooja)
  • Regular kolam
Rangoli: Kutti kolam

This is one of my Kutti kolams done on Fridays.

Rangoli: St.Patrick's day Kolam

It is 15 x 8 dotted kolam.
Even though St Patrick's day is celebrated mainly in Ireland, many American States hold parades with a lot of festivities.

Rangoli: Kidney Rangoli

Dotted rangoli with 19 dots 5 lines upto 5. Modified to suit the occasion.

Rangoli: Kuzhal Kolam

Because of my pre occupation, I could not visit Ikolam for many days. I tried Kuzhal kolam after a long time. I hope you all enjoy this kolam.

Rangoli: International Women's Day Alpona

On the occasion of International Women's Day my Greetings to all the Ikolam Members.

Rangoli: Valentine's Day Alpana

I wish a Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends and Ikolam members.

Rangoli: Vasantha Panchami (Saraswathi pooja)

I made this Alpona (kolam) on Vasant Panchami day. As Lakshmi said, here in West Bengal, people celebrate it as Saraswathi Pooja. The children make small pandals, bring the idol of Saraswathi and perform poojas on this day. They wear small sarees during this festival. So we can get many types of small sarees for children during this period.
Here is a small offering to Maa Saraswathi and let us pray her to shower her blessing on our children.

Rangoli: Regular kolam

This is one of my regular kolam. This is partially dotted. The dot count is 9-1.