Rangoli: Chikku Kolam
Rangoli: Josephine knot kolam - kolapodi version
Rangoli: Mother's Day Kolam 2
Rangoli: Chikku Kolam
Rangoli: Happy Mother's Day -1
Rangoli: 15 x 1 kolam- 6
Rangoli: tulasi Madam

Got inspired by the book uploaded by JKM sir, I tried this today.

Rangoli: Aadi Amavaasai Kolam

I made this on Aadi Amavaasai day and thank God that it didn't rain today:)

Rangoli: Aadi 3rd Friday kolam

I made this today (3rd friday of Aadi) and it took 45 minutes to complete and stayed for 3 hours.

Rangoli: Adi perukku kolam

Today no rains. SO I could make a freehand kolam on this Adi Perukku Day (3rd August, 2010).

Rangoli: Kuzhal version of quilled kolam

Kuzhal version of quilled kolam which I tried last week.

Rangoli: Kuzhal Kolam

This kolam I made on First Aadi Friday (23rd July, 2010). Thought of making a Padikolam. Bu I was not confident enough to attempt a new one today. SO I stuck to familiar grounds. I will attempt padikolam some other day.

Rangoli: Mehendi Design copied

Vasanthi's mehendi design copied. It is freehand and I could do it today (20th July).

Rangoli: Kutties -3

Third set of Kutty kolams. Very simple ones, but still I thought of sharing them with friends.