Mother's Day Kolam 2

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About Mother's Day Kolam 2:

Dotted kolam 23 dots 9 lines upto 9 dots done on Mother's Day.

Dotted kolam
Mother's day
Rangoli: Mother's Day Kolam 2


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Wow...beautifully made mother's day kolam brinda....ur last yr's mother's day kolam is still in my eyes....

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Simply suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppeeeerBbbbb! what a great work dear .Hats off to U.All mothers with different co;lourschania choli looks really great .Great concept and theme

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wow Brindha, nice to see happy mothers on your rangoli! Very well drawn and colored wisely!

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excellent work mam, the choli border work looks awesome, very minute work....hats of to you.

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Wow, wonderful mother's day kolam. The colour combination is beautiful

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WOw!!!!!!!Great work brinda.Hats off.

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superb brindha, i just love those white orange flowers

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What an amazing kolam this one is Brindha mam. Just staring at its beauty. Another masterpiece from you.

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No Words........................ Awesome kolam Brinda. The floor is a mettalic sheet or what?

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Wonderful creation. Brindha!. The drawing and coloring are excellent. It took sometime for me to locate the faces. You could have put some colors outside the head portion so that it will be standing out from the base color.

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This is an exquisite creation. WOW!!. Just cant take my eyes off it. I am still looking into the fine intricacies woven into the kolam. Great work!!

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superb............ no words to say., beautiful brindha....

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wonderful kolam brindha.
Anbaana ammakkaLukku
azhagaaga oru kolam amaindhdhadhu ingkey.
veetil viLaketrubaval yenbadharkaaga
veedhiyilay oru kolam nirandhadhu ingey.

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Wonderful kolam Brindha mam.