Rangoli: Happy Yugaadi - 2016

Happy Yugaadi friends!!!..... Wishing this new year bring all the joy & prosperity to all

A free hand drawing without colors. Inspired by one of the pencil sketch shared by Anu ma'm Rangoli bird: Happy Yugaadi - 2016 by anirudh

Rangoli: Happy Sankranthi - 2016

Rangoli freehand: Happy Sankranthi - 2016 by anirudh

Rangoli: Happy DeepavaLi

Rangoli Deepavali: Happy DeepavaLi by anirudh

Rangoli: Shri Krishna JanmashTami - 2015

Rangoli free hand: Shri Krishna JanmashTami - 2015 by anirudh

Rangoli: Rajammaji's Design in PS

Rangoli 9 - 5 Interlaced: Rajammaji's Design in PS by anirudh

Rangoli: Happy Yugaadi

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Happy Yugaadi by anirudh

Rangoli: Sona story Inspired

Rangoli 6x3: Sona story Inspired by anirudh

Rangoli: White Board Rangoli

Rangoli 17x1: White Board Rangoli by anirudh