Rangoli: margazhi day5
Rangoli: margazhi day1
Rangoli: rangoli2
Rangoli: padi kolam3
Rangoli: rangoli1
Rangoli: sikku kolam 37
Rangoli: sikku kolam 09

This sikku kolam 11 to 1 straight dots. This is for friends who want smaller kolams. again taken from my MIL's earlier books.

Rangoli: sikkukolam 12

This kolam is drawn with 13 dots 5 rows,7dots 1row, 5dots 3 rows.

Rangoli: kolam11

This kolam from one of my MIL's earlier books. 25 dots 9rows to 9 straight dots.

Rangoli: sikku kolam11

this is 15 to 1 straight dots. your comments please.

Rangoli: sikku kolam

this is the second kolam as the border for the bhogi kolam

Rangoli: sikku kolam 09

i uploaded this kolam couple of weeks back, but did not get posted. hence i am uploading it again.Is there any limit of kolams to be uploaded . can someone help me on this.

Rangoli: Padi kolam

This padi kolam was put yesterday for a function at home. hope u all like it.

Rangoli: sikku kolam10

this is also 11 to 1 straight dots. hope u all like it