Rangoli: margazhi day5
Rangoli: margazhi day1
Rangoli: rangoli2
Rangoli: padi kolam3
Rangoli: rangoli1
Rangoli: sikku kolam 37
Rangoli: pillayar kolam

This kolam was put for the vinayakr chathurthi. Hope u like it. 30-30 straight dots

Rangoli: padi kolam2

this was also put for the pooja in front of our small gate.

Rangoli: kalasa kolam

this was put for varalakshmi pooja infront of our house,25 to 1 straight dots.

Rangoli: varalakshmi pooja maa kolam

This kolam was put for varalakshmi pooja. Let us know how it is.

Rangoli: siikku kolam 36

This sikkalaana sikku kolam tooto k nearly one and half hours .21 to 21 straight dots. fill in with extra dots in corners. Tried to upload on sunday. but could not as the webpage did not open the whole day.

Rangoli: sikku kolam 35

this is 15 to 1 straight dots. Simple without colours this time.

Rangoli: sikku kolam 36

this is 17 to 1 straight dots, also with white powder.

Rangoli: sikku kolam34

this is 21 dots both vertically and horizontally and dots added on all sides.