Rangoli: margazhi day5
Rangoli: margazhi day1
Rangoli: rangoli2
Rangoli: padi kolam3
Rangoli: rangoli1
Rangoli: sikku kolam 37
Rangoli: kodu kolam

THis kolam was drawn exclusively for our ikolam friends. 13 to 7 straight dots and 7 to 1 straight dots on the side.

Rangoli: sikku kolam18

THis kolam was drawn in front of our gate and looked very cute. 11 dots 3 rows, 7 dots 2 rows and 3 dots 2 rows. HOpe u all too would enjoy it.

Rangoli: sikku kolam17

this is also 15 to 1 straight dots . this is also from my MIL's earlier collections. All your comments and appreciation makes her more energetic and enthusiastic to do more. thanks!!

Rangoli: sikku kolam 16

this sikku kolam is from 15 to 1 straight dots. hope u all like this.

Rangoli: puthandu maa kolam

Puthandu nal vazhthukkal(happy tamil new year).Friends, all the kolams are done by my MIL who is 73 yrs old. I am deepa her daughterinlaw uploading her kolams here.all the comments are from her .I communicate it to you all.

Rangoli: sikku kolam 15

this is for ammu madam thanking her for the lovely kolam she did for my MIL.this 18 dots 6 rows straight dots.

Rangoli: Happy Ughadhi

This is a kolam done for all for ugadhi. wishing you all a very happy ugadhi. this is 19 dots 9 rows (straight dots).

Rangoli: sikku kolam 14

this is also two in one ,both being 11 to 1 straight dots. both the background is ok here.