Easy rangolis

Kolam is such a beautiful indian art perfected very well by our ancestors. And now, it is our turn to take the responsibility of preserving these ancient art forms. Here are some simple designs which could be used on any day - ordinary or otherwise!

Rangoli: Apartment kolam

Straight dots - 6 - 2

After a long time I was able to click a picture of one of the...

Rangoli: apartment kolam

hindi Om (combining om and elephant head)
simple free hand kolam

Rangoli: apartment margazhi

This is a very simple rangoli suitable for beginners and apartments.....

Rangoli: Daily Kolam-1

This is a daily kolam. This type of kolam is formed without any basic idea and get extended...

Rangoli: A simple apartment rangoli

A simple design for daily use.. And can be useful for beginners. Thankyou.

Rangoli: Apartment Kolams

dots - 5 : 5

This is ideal for people who live in apartments and have limited space......

Rangoli: Studio Kolams

Dots - 3 : 3

Another tiny kolam for kutty spaces and beginners

Rangoli: Studio Kolams

dots - 3 : 3

Tiny kolams for small spaces and for beginners.....

Rangoli: Apartment rangoli

Those who have little space can try like this.
dot count 7-7 straight

Rangoli: Apartment Kolams

For those who live in apartments with hardly any space at their door-step - here is a cute one...