Easy rangolis

Kolam is such a beautiful indian art perfected very well by our ancestors. And now, it is our turn to take the responsibility of preserving these ancient art forms. Here are some simple designs which could be used on any day - ordinary or otherwise!

Rangoli: Apartment Kolams

My all time favourite kolams are the ones that weave their way in and around the dots...

Rangoli: Apartment Kolams

Small kolams for limited space owners - who said people who live in apartments cant put kolams...

Rangoli: Apartment Kolams

Adding more to the collection of apartment kolams...

dots 3 - 3

Rangoli: Apartment Kolams

More kolams for people with space constraints... enjoy

dots 5 to 1

Rangoli: Apartment Kolams

With shortage of space these days I think these kolams will be ideal for the apartment lifestyle...

Tree - by
Rangoli: Tree
2 x 2 - by Lata

A very simple kolam. Actually, this probably is the first kolam that kids would be taught when...