Rangoli: Artificial jewels

Sometimes back i got sudden interest in making artificial jewellery.
Friends have a look of these jewells.
I am sending this under arts and crafts sessio.

Rangoli: A simple embroidery design with stone work

This simple embroidery is done with silver and copper decorative thread. Stitch used is filling stitch. Can also be done in machine easily, or ordered to be done from professional artists. Decorate with tilak shaped stone glued or can stitch them, there will be holes for it on the stone. Follow design pattern same as for painting on sarees.

Rangoli: Kasu Mandabam

I had created one Kasu Mandabam for Lakshmi. This is done by 25 paise coins.
Originally it was done as kasu ther(Ratham). But due to limited space the man who did frame work had taken out two rows of coins from the chakkaram and made as Mandabam. So, the Radam became Mandabam. I am sending this for arts and crafts section.

Rangoli: Flower stand

The wall hanging in the middle was made by Shriram for his art project. It is made of coloured ice cream sticks joined together and the cardboard roll inside the aluminum foil roll is used to make the stand for the flowers.

Rangoli: Rangoli

Hello friends i have done this using rubberbands. how do u all like it.

Rangoli: Arthi plate

Arthi plate done with match sticks and beads removed from Chandana Malai.

Rangoli: Aarthi Plate

This is done with ice-cream sticks. The 16 words mentioned on the sticks are the 16 qualities which one should posses in life. These wordings are generally used by elders when they bless some one. These plates are generally used to welcome the newly wed with an arthi.

Rangoli: Sushi! Anyone?
This rangoli was published on 2009-02-25.
Rangoli: Navadhanya Ganesha

This is a navadhanya Ganesha. Used all navadhanyas and drawn on a cardboard.

Rangoli: Wax

A model that can be used as kolam. May be big or small made of wax. The upper and side view shown.