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A model that can be used as kolam. May be big or small made of wax. The upper and side view shown.

Rangoli: Wax


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It looks nice with the angel and small flowers inserted, in wax? I need more information regarding how this was made. Did you make this, or is this an idea for a rangoli?
I'm trying to take a closer look into the wax part, but I don't see/understand the details (if there are any). Please enlighten me Suganthy Smile

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Get white wax.heat it,then use crayon(any colour).Don't add water to it.Then stir it with egg beater.Stir till you get bubbles.And use spoon to apply on thermocol(which is cutted like cake).

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Suganthy nice one

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it's too superb how to do this please say me in details so tat i can do this