Flower stand

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The wall hanging in the middle was made by Shriram for his art project. It is made of coloured ice cream sticks joined together and the cardboard roll inside the aluminum foil roll is used to make the stand for the flowers.

Rangoli: Flower stand


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Great idea of using ice cream/popsickle sticks for this Shriram!

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Master Sriram , good time to spend like this all the best .. summer is nearing.. like to see more of your creations...

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Very nice Shriram! Send more creations.

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A neat inexpensive handwork.Great "Wealth Out Of Waste"

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of course Lakshmi - now with summer here Sriram will be having more icecream stick to make more things for us to see... right Sriram??

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this is so well done it is hard to believe it is kitchen recycling!! Great job!!