Rangoli: Pot Painting

Dear Friends,
this simple painting was done by me on the beautiful pot.Your comments please.

Rangoli: Santa Clause - The God's Messiah !

SantaClause is believed to give what ever we wish.In reality it is our elders especially parents will give whatever we desire

Rangoli: aswata leaf painting 5

sending once again as my computer was showing some trouble .This is again i have done when i was in my first year of college(F.Y.J.C)

Rangoli: aswatta leaf painting-5

This painting is also done when i was in probably first year of my college(F.Y.J.C)

Rangoli: Black pot

Dear Friends,
This egg size pot design was done by me .. but i am little lazy so i upload it after very long time. front and back sides of the same pot...... Any suggestions..

Rangoli: My Paintings1

Sharing few of my paintings here. This is oil painting on canvas. cheers Meena

Rangoli: rangoli display for Diwali in dublin (9)

Fabric painted Chikku kolam for Diwali event in Dublin 2010.

Rangoli: Painting done by radhika

This is a cute little bed created by radhika and painted by her.
This is the personal present to my little grandson siddhu by Radhika.
My Laptop dead at Chennai and hence i am uploading it here from Kansas.

Rangoli: stain glass painting

This is a stain glass painting done by me to gift it to my aunty for house warming function and in this i did not use any filling for background i left it plain by framing with another glass. hope you all like this too..

Rangoli: Making of Rangoli (paintings) for Diwali dublin 2010

Making of Rangoli (paintings) for Diwali dublin 2010. Our dining room but then looked like an art studio. Smile