Rangoli: tile painting

this is the painting created by me on tiles using glass painting colours

Rangoli: Guess who?

I guess someone didn't want this game coming to an end! Just when I mentioned that I didn't see anymore entries that could be used for this game, someone uploaded this beautiful picture! This has been done using some kind of a software package, but who did it? Smile

Rangoli: Glass Painting

This is also done by my Sister, Sonia. My favourite one of all her work. She painted this one when she was carrying in her 6th month. May be that feeling gave life to this painting, too.

Rangoli: Glass Painting

This one was done by my sister, Sonia. She is not a member in Ikolam, yet. So I am uploading this on her behalf.

Rangoli: Reverse glass painting

My daughter did this painting a couple of years ago. The painting is done on the reverse side of the glass and then the framing is done with the crushed foil as the background

Rangoli: Charcoal painting - Do you believe in haunted spirits, curses?

This is a charcoal painting which i did around 14 -15 years ago. This is based on the model picture of the famous painting "The lonely Boy".

Rangoli: Oil Painting

This oil painting is done on a plain glass piece. Wherever you hang this frame, the background will be according to the surface. I hope you got it...

Rangoli: Painting

An ornamental duck, and a beautiful butterfly too. Can you see that? A different imagination.

Rangoli: Velvet embossing painting

This painting is done on a velvet cloth.
The outline borders are done by me with a created little flowers, and kundan stones on it


Hi friends,
I have attached a sample of the saree which has the painting with aari work.