Making of Rangoli (paintings) for Diwali dublin 2010

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Making of Rangoli (paintings) for Diwali dublin 2010. Our dining room but then looked like an art studio. Smile

Rangoli: Making of Rangoli (paintings) for Diwali dublin 2010


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Oh, so nice it is. Why is that girl is been covered inside the blanket? Is there any painting done on that also? Is she your daughter?


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Oh so cute to see that little girl cuddled in the blanket - I like the look of the rangoli that is behind her..

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looks very very nice

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is it so COOOLLLL there at dublin?

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very good rangolis surrounding a very cute little girl

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You are right Mahalakshmi, she is my daughter. Yes it is very cold, umaraja and she wanna wrapup like that for being cosy. Smile