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This painting is done using only crayons on handmade paper

Rangoli: Painting


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beautiful painting.

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wonderful painting. r u a professional?
the shadings r very clear and appropriate. keep it up Jayanthi!

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Thanx. Iam not a proffessional. My profession is teaching KG kids and art and craft is my passion.

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Though it looks simple there is good depth in this work! Looks very natural!

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It is very natural.

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very nice art...what is the base u have used...and is it pencil shading??

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This is drawn and shaded on offwhite handmade paper, using only crayons.

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Jayanthi... cryons and only hand paper? MMmm... so Vallavanukku pullum aayudham?

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so realistic - Jayanthi you are great