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About fruit carving : PRINT

This is a water melon fruit carving which I tried out last week after watching its method in polimer tv to decorate my aunts home for housewarming function .Im now in learning stage hope you all like this..

vegetable carving
Rangoli: fruit carving


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Very pretty! If this is the result of your learning stage, then I can't imagine what the outcome be like when you cross that stage! :0

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Wow....what a perfectly done fruit-carving radhika...great pa...

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no word radhika.excellent!awesome !keep doing it and don't forget to upload the same for our treat

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hey.. outstanding... wwooww.... peacock is beautiful....

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Radhika wonderful work... imagine as a beginner itself u hv done such a good job, after u hv mastered the art, we will be in for a treat..

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awesome radhika!-suguna murugesan

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I remember that program Radhika because I too watched it - I think that chef carved a comic character right?? I am amazed at your talent. I think the secret of this art is the carving knife - if you have the right one you can work wonders. Superb creation

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Thankyou so much for your encouraging comments . Judy Mam I have tried this with the plain knife only which I had in my home . I did not use any special knife for this and even now i am searching for carving tools availability ..In the TV Chef Vinith sir carved the same peacock in a different manner ..

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superb outcome , u just do wonders in each and every art works

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A great expert in the making! Lovely art work -thanks for sharing!

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fantastic creaton Radhika.....very beautiful..keep itup.waiting to see more form you..all the best dear....

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I too watch that program and wonder if we can do it so fine! You have proved it!

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Nicely carved watermelon have an amazing talent .....Explore in various fields so that we can get a visual treat of all of your works.

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Nice carving. All see the program , but you have tried it and it has come out well.

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Lovely work Radhika,
I too watched this programme and was wondering how nice it would have been if we had a watermelon handy, so that we could follow what he did. But you have done wonders. Keep practising and I am sure you will come up with many more such exqusite pieces.Lakshmi Jayaraman

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Very welldone dear.
Keep doing.

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woowwww!!!! superb idea!!! and very beautifull!!!!!

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Really great vegetable art, wouldn't feel like eating it afterward Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Thankyou so much I left this melon in my aunts home itself after taking photos so I dont know what happened to it ..

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very nice carving.....

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Wonderful work Radhika.. The feathers look too cute.. Do treat us more with your creations.

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Wow, very nice. It come out well. Superb!

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Very beautiful fruit carving. Even with an ordinary knife you have done it excellently. You should use the tools meant for this and see the result.

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Very good work.


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beautiful.....i cant eat this now...need to preserve it for longtime Smile

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Nice creativity work.