fruit carving

Radhikha 3 Thu, 02/17/2011 - 17:56

Very pretty! If this is the result of your learning stage, then I can't imagine what the outcome be like when you cross that stage! :0
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Dr.Rekha Shetty

no word radhika.excellent!awesome !keep doing it and don't forget to upload the same for our treat
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Radhika wonderful work... imagine as a beginner itself u hv done such a good job, after u hv mastered the art, we will be in for a treat..
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I remember that program Radhika because I too watched it - I think that chef carved a comic character right?? I am amazed at your talent. I think the secret of this art is the carving knife - if you have the right one you can work wonders. Superb creation
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Radhikha 3

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Thankyou so much for your encouraging comments . Judy Mam I have tried this with the plain knife only which I had in my home . I did not use any special knife for this and even now i am searching for carving tools availability ..In the TV Chef Vinith sir carved the same peacock in a different manner ..
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fantastic creaton Radhika.....very beautiful..keep itup.waiting to see more form you..all the best dear....
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Nicely carved watermelon have an amazing talent .....Explore in various fields so that we can get a visual treat of all of your works.
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Lakshmi Jayaraman

Lovely work Radhika, I too watched this programme and was wondering how nice it would have been if we had a watermelon handy, so that we could follow what he did. But you have done wonders. Keep practising and I am sure you will come up with many more such exqusite pieces.Lakshmi Jayaraman
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Very beautiful fruit carving. Even with an ordinary knife you have done it excellently. You should use the tools meant for this and see the result.
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