Arthi plate

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About Arthi plate : PRINT

This is another arthi plate created with the materials used in picture framing used for inviting the newly weds.

Rangoli: Arthi plate


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Nice saying here, and a pretty plate too.

Here is what Mani (my husband) said with a big smile; "that may be true in Sumathiji's house, but in ours', you are the poonai and I'm the eli"! Smile
(He was referring to our (mine and his) life which is filled with arguments, almost on a daily basis, on all the topics in this world!) Smile

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Lata , life still goes on with elli and poonai living together.We too sail the same boat like you. But I think that's a different type of fun that we enjoy.

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Looks very pretty for the newly weds. Nice art work sumatIjI!

They have to be together. If they quarrel inside the boat (vAzhkaippaDagu), it may
sink! Actually there is a song by PBS and PS with these lines. The concluding
stanza is a beautiful one in this song (pAvai un mugattaik kaNDEn
tAmarai malaraik kaNDEn kOvai pOl idhazhaik kaNDEn kunguma chimizhaik kaNDEn)>

Regards! - mOhana

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Apt Aarthi thattu for the wedding. Sumathi I have lots of wedding invitation card with nice art work in that. Now I know how to us it. thanks for the idea.
Oh, Lata so its you The KITTY?

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Actually, I don't know clearly what he meant by that! You see, he could've referred to our arguments, or, he could've pictured me as the poonai in the saying "eliyum poonaiyum-aa sandai podranga", just because I have a kitty as my blog icon here in the site. There is one more way to look at it, he might've seen himself as the appavi type (in which case he would be the eli). And, to top it, this is the way he comments most of the time, which I find confusing, wouldn't you say? I'm still looking for a collective English term for this kind of a style of talking! Saying something which can have atleast 2 different meanings, and depending on whatever context suits your purpose, you could choose sides, sly if you ask me! Smile

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Tom and Jerry le yaar yaarai aattam kaattuvaanga theriumaa?

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Correctaa sonninga! Innaiyerlirdhu "sunOji" kidaidhu, Jerry dhaan kooppida poren! Smile
Thank you for helping me with a nice comeback! Smile

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Thank you Rajamma ji and Rao for your comments

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Sumathi nice one good idea...keep it up

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