Valentine Kolam

judelined Fri, 02/04/2011 - 16:42

Simple and sweet kolam....but judy ur strokes....omg...give me ur hand i want to kiss them...haha
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Thanks for your appreciation Jayanthi, Lakshmi (what form of dance are you referring to please??), Rani (thanks for that affectionate kiss - please accept mine in return also for your trial version kolam), Suba and Maha..
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Judy, it is not just "a little bit of neatness" as you have mentioned. Your strokes are really awesome - hope to learn from your beautiful strokes! And thanks again for your positive comments on that padi kolam (saw them only today). I will strive hard not to dissapoint you regarding my Ph.D. (in kolams)!!!! -Sindhuja
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Very sweet of you Sindhu - glad you like my strokes (only I know how much I suffered that day to achieve this amount of neatness because of the condition of the terrible kolapodi) - waiting and watching to see you get your Ph.D soon
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Wow Judy this is looks so simple yet with such lovely strokes and pretty design one tends to stare and admire it more and more... I always love ur even strokes dear and also ur lovely floor
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Thanks Veni, Suguna, Pushpa, Uma, Veena, Sowmi and Vinci (that is the art of disguising you know) for your sweet comments..
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