kolam for margazhi contest 2011

Wow! Perfect chikku kolam, simple coloring and nicely place diyas!
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indira sundar
Fantastic....All the best!-Indira Sundar
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Lovely sikku kolam with perfect strokes...all d best...
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Oh too good, excellent work dear. Neatly drawn thin lines and wonderful coloring... the diyas add to the beauty
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Very pretty sikku kolam merged with beautiful colors ...perfect...all the best.
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Superb, fantastic perfect job. Good luck
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perfect and beautiful kolam with neat strokes and extra design for the curvings and ur imagination power is superb and the lamp is arranged in such a way that due to that deepa oli the nearest design is glowing like sun.fantastic work.
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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome work. Excellent chikku kolam.All the best.
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Excellent chikku kolam with good colouring . All the best.
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hai preeti, ur fingers r blessed i hope, such an even spread of white throughout d kolam makes me stunned, kaavi has added one more feather on ur victory crown, green and yellow paisleys just rokz, all d best
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Beautiful kolam. Nice colouring. Perfect strokes. Border and the corners are also very neat. All the best. - Indu
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Awesome, fantastic, superb, perfect chikku kolam
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rajee sriram
Exellant work and very neat work indeed.
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Padma Prakash
Excellent work done. The corner and the joining sikku kolams are very pretty with additional kavi and lavender touch. All d best.
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Anisha Raghunath
very beautiful......all the best....!!!!
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pretty chikku kolam. all the best.
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neat and beautiful kolam with nice colouring. You have proved your talent in sikku kolam also. All the best.
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Wow, such a beautiful work. wonderful.
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Wow!!!!! Excellent sikku kolam!!!! All the best....
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Woww,,chikku chikku kolam ithu super super kolam
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This is the neatest work I have ever seen.. totally amazing.. what kind of kola podi do you use. would you mind sharing.

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chikkinnu oru chikku kolam - amazing work Preeti - such a different looking kolam with added feathers of beauty. all the best
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splendid....the empty spaces have been neatly colored and decorated beautifully...very grand...all the best
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Wow!!!!!! Fantastic good & neat work
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preethi,All the best..Wow!! Excellent sikku kolam, looks grand keep itup
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Awesome! Fantastic no right word to explain the beauty and neatness of this Kolam.Would like to click as many stars as in the sky. Your rangoli is already a winner. It will give tough fight to others .All the best
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Bright and beautiful. All the best -Sindhuja
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Lovely sikku kolam with perfect strokes...all d best... arunasri
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saritha AN
It is very.............................beautiful all the best
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Wonderful and excellent work with perfection Preethi Mam. All the best.
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wow , breath-taking sikku kolam ....... superb color filling ..execellent job ! i guessed the winner .... advance wishes to you !
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Nice work Excellent chikku kolam with nice colors and borders..
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Excellent and marvellous creation preethy mam. Very neat job. All the best to you. Mahalakshmi
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malar anand
Fantastic work.i like it very much. all the best.preethi mam
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Bhavani Mayilvahanan
Superb presentation with a different bright look .......... ALL THE BEST
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Indeed a Visual treat to eyes. "A Silent Beauty" Looks Perfect. All the Best.
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Chethan Srinivasan

Gr8 work mam. Cant take my eyes of it. Real neat work. Chethan.S
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superb.Treat to eyes. Thanks Ikolam group of friends for such a treat simple yet beautiful colouring.nicely decorated with diyas.Base design for diyas is simply good and diyas were embedded in the design as jewels. the kolam is a result of lots of concentration and hardwork.The symmetrical filling of kavi colour is highlight. how many hours of time it took madam?Congrats. Saraswathy
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awesome kolam very attractive gr8 colour combination -anamica(daughter of vijayasaradha)
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geat job for a perfect kolam, all the best.
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Fantastic work design.... very nice. Simple sona pattern design kolam inside, surrounded by 4 nice chikku kolam Designs.., creating beautiful chikku Padikolam. Dot count..... easy to understand, but difficult to put symmetrically. You have done it so neatly. Drawing....... I envy your neat and stylisk ezhai., effertlessly drawn with a nice flow. Coloring........ You have wisely colored the inner gaps which elevates the beauty ok this kolam. The placing of the Diya is excellent. photography.... well taken . On the whole....."Rare Beauty" from an artist. rajamma
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indira sundar
Congrats Preethiji!-Indira Sundar
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Congratulations on winning the chikku kolam contest.
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Congrats ! you deserved it :) keep up the good work !!! Saras
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