Drum roll, please!

They say that "if you're going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk!". Take a look at the first scene in this strip of scenes; Are you thinking what I'm thinking? The ever so popular stylish walk, the graceful posture, the chiseled and well toned figure, so charismatic, the body language, ooohhhh those handsomely dressed up adorable drums...I could go on and on! "Wait a minute, drums!?", the handsomely dressed up drums!? Yes, the drums, what did you think I was talking about?!! Oh, you mean, you thought I was talking about our Super Star, no, of course not! I mean, yes he is handsome, and stylish, and popular and so cooooool, and the leader of his tribe and all, but, no, I wasn't referring to him... Smile

Please lower your gaze a little. Look at Mr. Rajnikanth's little accompaniments. I was talking about the beautifully decorated drums! Did you notice the rangoli designs on them? I had some time to take a close look at them, and this is what I realized: Our ikolam friends are experts in making rangoli designs, and stand at par to the Chandramukhi rangoli experts! What do you say? How about trying to make the same patterns that we see in the scene, here at ikolam. Do you think some of us can each make a pattern, and upload it here. Lets try to come up with atleast 7 or eight patterns drawn within a circular boundary. That's only one design per person, so it is not a lot to ask. You're welcome to comment here if you would like to draw a pattern. I'll give an update in two weeks.

Raaa Raaa... Raa raaa!!

- ikolam Raa.K



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Raaa raaa...Raa raaa…

Shakalakkkaaaa Smile

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Hi Lata,
Laka laka laka laka laka, We will do it....

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Vaarom, ellorum Vaarom

Lata's picture

Already 2 + responses! that was quick, thank you! Smile

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Great idea Lata,We will We will Rock it!!!!!

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Nice to hear that from you! Smile Thank you.

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Can we draw our own designs with the circular boundary

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Sure, its up to you, as long as the design would fit within the circle (approximately a radius of 4 inches wide, say image size 8 inches by 8 inches).

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Chandramukhi is one of my favourite films. Count me in.

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Lata, I have posted one Rangoli tried by me for Navaraathri 2 years ago!
See if it will suit your purpose!

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Jaya ma'am, it looks perfect! I'm glad you saved it, and remembered it too, comes in handy for having some fun! I'm glad you're game!

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Glad you could join Vani! Thank you.

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i did not see this post earlier but would you believe it i am already developing a rangoli in a circle (dont know tif he size is ok though)and hope to post it before tomoro... let me join the bandwagon too........

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Lata, You want paper drawn design or actual rangoli made of color powder? and any time limit to submit?

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You may get some simple inspirational drum designs from the movie arundhati too.
Here is a link to the stills.


Standard disclaimer - I am in no way connected with this movie. I didn't watch it either.
Only the rangOli aspects made me post this.

Regards! - mOhana

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My movable glass painting rangoli is also of the same type no

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Judy, your rangoli looks very nice, but you needn't have hurried up! Smile
We all have many roles to play in a day, it isn't easy to keep up from all ends. We have 2 weeks to make this circular and simple rangoli. Glad you're in, thanks.

Rajam ma'am, what ever kind of rangoli you could make is going to be fine.:)
A paper made will be more than fine Smile
Time limit: Whenever our Rajam madam's design would be ready! I've mentioned 2 weeks, so far, but I'm willing to postpone. Like I said, this is just for fun, and I wouldn't want anyone to give this top priority. Please consider doing this in your free time only. Smile

mOhanaji, I can't believe you gave us a link, I mean, you surprised me! I'll check it out soon. Thank you so much. I'll remember the disclaimer too, I don't know which I like better, the fact that you posted a link here, or your disclaimer! Smile

Viji ma'am, thank you for the reminder, your rangoli is too good for what I was looking for. I'll be happy to use it.